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Services offered

Upon your best expectations !

Upon your best expectations !

We approach our animal patients and their owners in such a way that the entire stay in our clinic is as stress less as possible but at the same time effective.

Therefore, after arriving into our clinic you will find that in the waiting room of our clinic there are separate areas for dogs, cats and restless animals, so that even during a short time, when you will be devoted to any of us, you may spend your time with your pet in the environment of discrecy.

We are equipped with many modern devices that make it easier for us to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate. Combined with our many years of experience, the animal patient will be fit as soon as possible and at the same time you do not have to travel with your sick animal to diagnose.

At the same time, we are also available for unexpected and unpredictable cases, thanks to the NON STOP emergency system after a phone call.

We are convinced that although a professional medical intervention, or an address examination, is crucial for the health of the patient, the environment and the way in which the animal patient and its owner are communicated are equally important.

Therefore, in addition to the care of experienced doctors and high-end devices at Primavet, we place emphasis on a pleasant environment, transparency and individual treatment of animal patients, because our experience has taught us that better treatment results are achieved in a pleasant and friendly environment.

Which veterinarian services do we provide?

Which veterinarian services do we provide?

To put it simply, we provide pet care to get it in one place in any situation where our help is needed: be it preventive medicine, examination, surgery, nutrition and breeding advice, or delivery assistance, or for help in the last stages of your pet's life. Here you will find a dog salon that operates under the separate name Vesela Labka

Overview of our services

  • active prevention - we invite you to regular preventive checks
  • preventive medicine
    • vaccination
    • chipping
    • antiparasitic program
    • dietetics
    • treatment of ears, flint
  • clinical examination
    • comprehensive examination of the patient
    • dermatological, cardiovascular, neurological, endocrinological, orthopedic, urogenital
  • laboratory examination
    • blood examination - hematological, biochemical
    • blood smear examination
    • examination of urine, urinary sediment
    • parasitological examination of faeces
    • cytological examination
  • surgery
    • preventive surgery - sterilization, castration
    • eyelid correction
    • strip surgery - umbilical, inguinal, perineal
    • gastrointestinal surgery - removal of a foreign body
    • urogenital surgery - removal of urinary stones
    • oncological surgery - tumors of the mammary gland, skin formations, formations in the abdominal cavity
    • acute surgical procedures - caesarean section, uterine inflammation, dilatation and gastric torsion
    • traumatic surgery
  • hospitalization
    • if your pet needs more time to recover or cure, it can also recover under our supervision
  • others, but not irrelevant
    • In our clinic we offer tried and tested foods and diets that are often not common to buy in traditional stores
    • Dog saloon Veselá Labka is also available - we recommend ordering the appointment in advance by telephone, mail or via its website
    • In case you need for any reason professional dog training or dog hotel you can rely on, we will be glad if you use our partner World Canine Prosport in Pezinok.
    • Since we understand that it is not always possible to come to the clinic with the animal, we are willing to come to your home by arrangement


To which patients do we provide veterinarian care?

Although the most common animal health problems are often very similar, we treat each animal patient individually and with the utmost care. Our wider team of doctors as well as cooperation with partner veterinary clinics enables us to specialize and thus provide top veterinary care in case of more frequent but also less frequent health complications. Thanks to the specialization of our doctors, we provide top care for most domestic animals kept in Slovakia.