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They wrote about us

Read, what is our patients´ opinion.

EN - Sofia Krutková

This clinic will take care of your pet very nicely. There are very nice and helpful people

EN - Monika Durecová

This veterinary clinic was recommended to us and I can say that we were very satisfied with the approach of the doctor. Although we had to go through the whole city.

EN - Zlatica

Excellent, professional, skilful doctors, advised and treated ... Thank you ..

EN - Marta Paľková

Uzasny pristup. We are extremely satisfied and also our cat ???? THANK YOU

EN - Lenka Kolpachová

Nice clever staff but prices I can imagine lower but otherwise nice.

EN - Ruzena Rehakova

It is a clinic with which I am very satisfied, persolnal is very accommodating in every way, access to animals, in every way, and I certainly recommend high-level hospital equipment

EN - Martin Lehocky

The best clinic elsewhere. Spickovy personal. Immediate and accurate diagnosis. I can recommend the pen.

EN - Matúš MATI Stratil

Dear doctors ...

EN - Rastislav Jesenický

Super clinic, but always can be improved.

EN - Michal Masarovič


EN - Stanislav Matula

Very nice place to stay.

EN - Pavol Oreško

Helpful and helpful ... They will always do what they can. And who thinks that what people think about not only veterinarians by default "just pulling money and doing unnecessary actions" is simply wrong.

EN - Michal Kačáni

Brutal clinic.Hats down, very nice staff.I highly recommend ????????????

EN - Katarina Krettova

Very kind of stuff very professional recommend

EN - Romana Behúňová

Thank you to Dr. Adke for her nice approach and expertise ???? I recommend ...

EN - Andrea Tekauerova

Primavet is an excellent clinic with a team of veterinary surgeons and veterinary assistants at a high professional level who are ready to help animals "Friday night and night". attention and kind access to my tomcat Fuzik who spent 1 month in the clinic. It was very hard for us both.

EN - Villa Vodicka

Thank you so much rescued us dog .. p. Doctor confuses gold hands; thank you

EN - Karin Nováková

My sweetheart, I would like to thank you with a broken heart for your professional and especially human approach to the treatment of my beloved Cyril, you are great ... thank you for everything.

EN - Leon Berger

Clean, modern clinic, all examinations in one place, doctors willing, human approach, high professionalism. This is exactly how I imagine the professional services much today. For me, a clinic with a good future. I'll stay with their clients.

EN - Marcela Mizerikova

Great access of all staff to the animals and their owners.Professionalism, willingness and cleanliness of the environment. Thank you for your help and care for our dog Miss. It is a pity that such a great care in our "human hospitals". Thank you and recommend.