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About us

We are putting your pet first

We are putting your pet first

The aim of our veterinary clinic PrimaVet is the best and most affordable care for dogs, cats and other small pets.

In practice, this means providing top-notch comprehensive care for pets, including prevention, treatment and hospitalization in a comfortable environment with good transport accessibility, without long waiting for examination, with non-stop emergency for emergencies and the use of the latest expertise, procedures and technologies.

Our common goal is a healthy animal patient and a happy owner.

High expertise, no shortcuts

We do truly love animals and our work! Each of us specializes in our favorite area of ​​veterinary medicine. Despite the rich practice and thousands of successful veterinary interventions and satisfied clients, we are constantly learning about the latest innovations in the field.

We attend international training, seminars, congreses and learn about the latest knowledge from foreign literature. When you are with your pet at us, we assure you, that it will be diagnosed correctly and given top care.

Top equipment

Top equipment

We have equipped our clinic with state-of-the-art instruments, from state-of-the-art analyzers and microscopes to digital X-ray.

Thanks to them we can provide veterinary care for your pet in one place more accurately, faster and upon high quality information. This is very important!.

We will be happy to show you and explain our equipment during your visit :) or you can check it out on our website under Services.


Transparency and fairness at all times

Our clinic is is equipped with team of experienced veterinarians. In addition to our high level of expertise, we also emphasize transparency, fairness and professionalism in relation to animal patients and their owners.

This means that we always tell you truthfully about your pet's health and optimal therapy, so we do not send you to unnecessary examinations or force overpriced medicines.

The dog is not a cat or why a pleasant environment is important

The dog is not a cat or why a pleasant environment is important

Just as a visit to a doctor is usually stressful for humans, a visit to a veterinary clinic by its very nature causes negative reactions in animal patients too.

By the pleasant environment of our clinic and assertive behavior we try to prove to the owners and their animal patients that it could be different.

At our veterinary clinic, we are committed to creating a comfortable environment for animal patients and their owners to ensure that animals are not stressed and that we can deal with the patient and his problems undisturbed. For example, our clinic has separate waiting rooms for clients with dogs and cats.

When you visit us, you will appreciate the smooth parking, spacious waiting room, free refreshments for visitors and animal patients and WiFi internet connection.

Why we offer such favorable prices of services at such high quality

Working with other partner veterinary clinics we can achieve better conditions from suppliers of equipment, materials and medicines. We share these benefits with you in the form of lower prices for our patients.

We are here for you - whenever you need us

We are here for you - whenever you need us

Your pet does not choose the time when he needs professional and professional help. For our clients, top care from our veterinarians is also available outside normal business hours when needed. During the weekend, during the summer holidays even on New Year's Eve or New Year.

Before visiting, we recommend that you book a consultation with our veterinarians either via the form, email, SMS or telephone. It is necessary to arrange a visit to our workplace outside the office hours by telephone. You can arrive without prior notice on any working day from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.


Individual approach and individual deadline

If, for any reason, you wish to consult us outside the opening hours, we will be happy to meet you even then. All you need is a phone agreement with one of us at +421 903 655 644.

Why is our name PrimaVet?

Prima in Latin means the first, most important resp. the main. For us, the health of our animal patients and the satisfaction of their owners comes first. We proudly adhere to these values ​​and treat all our animal patients with respect and love.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

and our answers to them :)

I have the feeling that there are still other doctors with you.

Our answer: It's not quite true. We are proud to have a very stable team, but with regard to our relatively long opening hours, which we have so that you can always rely on us, we cannot always be in the workplace. We devote a significant part of our attention to education at other workplaces in Slovakia, but also abroad. Our team of doctors is as professionally balanced as it can be with regard to personal expertise other specializations.


I feel that there are too many vet at the clinic

Our answer: Educating younger colleagues is part of our philosophy. We also allow younger colleagues to work with seniors to learn from them in the right way. Only then can they become top doctors as well as their bossess with whom you will be satisfied.