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Our clinic has taken a big step ahead - Endoscopy

Our clinic has taken a big step ahead - Endoscopy

We bought a top-of-the-range equipment so we could be even better!

The great advantage of endoscopic examination is minimal tissue traumatization and visualization with enlarged internal organs without the need for surgery. It serves not only in the diagnosis of diseases, but also as a solution to some problems such as a foreign object in the nasal cavity.

Gastroscopy is performed in mild sedation when the doctor is able to check the entire mucosa of the stomach, esophagus and part of the duodenum by means of a flexible videocope inserted through the oral cavity. It can take samples from the mucosa, remove foreign objects, expand the esophagus using balloon dilatation at the site of stricture, and much more. The same principle works colonoscopy with little difference that there is access to the colon through the anus.

Rhinoscopy and bronchoscopy may be very useful in the diagnosis and therapy of respiratory diseases. In sedation, the patient is guided through a nipple through the nostrils and the doctor is able to remove the foreign object, remove the polyp, remove tissue samples, remove the bronchoalveolar lavage from the lower airways, introduce a stent to expand the trachea as it collapses, and many others.

Another of the increasingly desirable methods is laparoscopy. It is possible to perform common procedures in the abdominal cavity such as sterilization of the bitch through very small wounds. The advantage is minimal pain, less blood loss and fast recovery after the procedure.

Arthroscopy is part of orthopedic examinations and therapy. It provides important information on the condition of cartilage and other joint components without the need for a large wound on the joint capsule, which of course speeds up healing after surgery and increases the access to the joint.

We are very pleased that thanks to modern equipment we are able to provide your animals with the best care we know.