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Cancer - an increasingly common disease in animals

Cancer - an increasingly common disease in animals

We estimate that more than a quarter of pets suffer from this insidious disease. We were on training in the Netherlands and practice in Slovenia.

We estimate that more than a quarter of pets suffer from this insidious disease.

If you suspect that your pet may suffer from such a disease, you should contact the veterinary department immediately. Many times, the suspicion of cancer will also occur during regular preventive examinations.

To begin with, you need to find out what your general health is. We will perform a basic clinical examination and subsequently, if necessary, blood examination, X-ray examination, USG examination, cytological examination and, if necessary, collection to a specialized laboratory. If the confirmed disease is confirmed by the examination, we act as quickly as possible. In order to fight the disease, Staging what type of tumor it is, where it is located and its nature, whether it is malignant or benign. To make a forecast, we do so. Grading, i. the degree of disease the animal suffers.

In some cases surgery is sufficient as a therapy, removal of the formation followed by histological examination of the collected sample, confirming that we have won over the disease. However, in some cases the disease is more complicated and requires a special approach.


In these cases we cooperate with a specialized oncology veterinary center in Postojna, Slovenia (5.5 hours by car), where there are possibilities not only for advanced diagnosis of these diseases (eg CT examination), but also advanced oncological therapy such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy . The oncology specialist will decide which type of therapy will work most effectively for a particular type of disease. Of course, no less important is supportive therapy for cancer patients, such as pain therapy, nutrition, rehabilitation, supportive drugs to combat the disease, as well as dampening of side effects in addition to the aggressive treatment of some cancer.

Two members of our doctoral team were expanding their knowledge in this field at the congress of veterinary oncologists in the Netherlands, this year being the topic of Tumors of the oral cavity in dog and cat. There was a lot of news from the world of veterinary oncology.

If you have any questions or if you suspect your pet is suffering from this disease, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

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