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Beware of poisonous plants!

Beware of poisonous plants!

Some species of commonly grown plants can cause great discomfort to animals. Just like Hugo.

Some species of commonly grown plants can cause indigestion, poisoning, or even death to pets. The owners of Hugo, a four-month-old French bulldog, experienced an unpleasant experience with poisonous plants. The restless puppy has a habit of examining and tasting everything. Unfortunately, the subject of his research, although a beautiful, but poisonous ornamental plant rhododendron.

The dog was sick and vomited. Owners with poisoned puppies rushed to fellow veterinarians in the ambulance Ruzinov SpektraVet. After the inspection, they put on infusion therapy and gave medication to improve digestion. They also took blood for examination. Fortunately, the results turned out well. The next day Hugo came to check and was better.

In addition to rhododendron, commonly grown poisonous plants include, for example, oleander, orchid, difenbachia, daffodil, african violet, ficus, hyacinth. If the animal eats a poisonous plant, we recommend the use of charcoal and, after consultation with a veterinarian, induce vomiting or seek help.

Prevention is always better than cure. So if you decorate your living with the above plants, try to put them away from your pet.