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Meet our team of specialists

The core of our outpatient clinic consists of a team of experienced doctors with many years of experience from Slovakia and abroad.

EN - MVDr. Matúš Ubrezi

EN - MVDr. Matúš Ubrezi


He completed his studies at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice in 2012. He gained his first professional experience in pet animals in veterinary clinics in the Slovak Republic. seminars in Austria thematically focused mainly on orthopedics and neurology. He is the official assessor of hip and elbow joint dysplasia. He received a certificate in this field in Germany. In the USA, he completed an internship in orthopedics and surgery. He has participated in several charity projects in Mexico, Egypt and the USA. Two weeks a month, it provides USG, X-ray and CT diagnostics services at one of Austria's largest veterinary reference centers.