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Meet our team of specialists

The core of our outpatient clinic consists of a team of experienced doctors with many years of experience from Slovakia and abroad.

EN - MVDr. Lucia Ščepková

EN - MVDr. Lucia Ščepková

Veterinárna lekárka

Lucia graduated from the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno. During her studies, she completed internships at the Loomade Kiirabikliinik Veterinary Clinic of Small Animals, Tallinn, Estonia, and the Dubai Dolphinarium, UAE, marine mammals.

Ste is involved in the practice of small animals with a focus on internal medicine and cat diseases. In her spare time, Lucia does not hesitate to help non-profit organizations and animals in need.


Working skills

2010 - Dubai Dolphinarium, UAE Marine mammals veterinary practice
2014 - IVA project VFU Brno - Improving the quality of teaching
2014 - Loomade Kiirabikliinik, Tallin, Estonia Veterinary practice 24h Emergency veterinary clinic
2015-2016 - Veterinárna klinika Pezinok MVDr. Miklošovičová - Veterinary doctor in small animals
11/2018 - Animal hospital Postojna, Slovinsko Stomatology with Doc. dr. Ana Nemec, dr. vet. med., Dipl. AVDC, Dipl. EVDC




Certificate CEF B2 State exam english language


Summer surgery school AOVET Berlin, Germany Osteosynthesis in small animals
Nová Veterinária Nitra Urology in small animals
Odborný seminár KVL ČR Brno Otitis in dogs
Urinary tract diseases in cats and dogs Bratislava


ESVD-Young vets and students conference Dermatology in small animals
Feline medicine days, Senec Feline internal medicine with Dr.Susan Little
Dermatological presentation of metabolical diseases Bratislava
Dermatological conference ELANCO Brno Dermatology in small animals


Common endocrinological disorders in clinical practice of dogs and cats Bratislava


Nová Veterinária Nitra Endocrinology in small animals


Anaesthesiology in small animals,Znojmo
Interactive hematology conference IDEXX, Senec
Geriatric patient in veterinary practice
Managment in cardiologic patient
Nová Veterinária Nitra Obstetrics and Gynecology in small animals
Pre-congress day Nová Veterinária Nitra Feline dermatology


Night of vampires Laboklin Bratislava Hematology congress
Sonographic congress Piešťany
Cat as a clinical patient Bratislava Feline internal medicine
Nová Veterinária Nitra Cardiology and oncology in small animals
Current challenges in feline medicine, Krakow, Poland


Acute conditions in hematology Brno
Actual trends in laboratory diagnostics in dogs and cats Brno
Gastroenerology in cats Prague with Dr.Susan Little
Eastern Europe Regional Veterinary Conference Zagreb, Croatia


Feline endocrinology Prague
Oncologish Treffen, Netherlands Oral tumors in cats and dogs
Eastern Europe Regional Veterinary Conference Thessaloniki, Greece



10/2019 - Nová Veterinária Nitra - Feline medicine
10/2019 - Practical workshop Nitra - Upper respiratory tract endoscopy in cats
12/2019 - Endocrinology in dogs and cats Brno